Midnight at the Shrine: New Year 2013.

Woah. It’s 2013 (not to point out the obvious or anything…). Despite predictions that we would all be star dust and ash by now, we made it!

This year will be the year that, unfortunately, I leave Japan, so for our last 正月 (shōgatsu – New Year) my mum and I welcomed in 2013 at Yasukuni Shrine (this tradition is known as 初詣 or hatsumōde). Along with the masses, we counted down until midnight and offered coins and prayers at the haiden (拝殿), making sure we bowed twice, clapped twice, paused for prayer and then bowed again – without messing up the order!

We met some cool people while waiting in the crowd. One guy tried to get in every single photo and video I took. I privately call him “Mr Amazingu”, because every time I said anything he laughed and exclaimed “amazingu!” Here is a nice collection of screenshots of Mr Amazingu who jumped in my videos:

Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 20.22.42 Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 20.23.42 Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 20.23.55 Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 20.25.32 Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 20.28.46

What a great guy.

It was night and I was using my iPhone so excuse the quality, but I did think the shrine and stalls at midnight were pretty! There were some scouts guarding fires around the area; something I didn’t quite understand!

IMG_1539 IMG_1540 IMG_1546 IMG_1547 IMG_1548 IMG_1561 IMG_1564 IMG_1568 IMG_1572 IMG_1573 IMG_1575 IMG_1576Earlier in the evening, we had a very Japanese dinner with pickled and boiled vegetables, a selection of sushi, homemade miso soup and sweet wagashi with green tea. It was light and healthy compared to the feast we cooked up on Christmas Day! That’s what I love about Japanese cuisine: even the food eaten on special occasions is good for you!

IMG_1535 IMG_1531 IMG_1525

Happy New Year everyone!


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